Found by Brand Director KELLY NG at 2012, through the understanding of fat cellular mechanism and metabolism pathway,

KEECOQUENS formulated an exclusive series of products which represent weight management as a healthy lifestyle. Scientifically innovative formulas can influence the way our body regenerates and releases the fat tissue. Antidox series products are made in fields such as nutrition, dermatology and pharmacology.

Our Products include Antidox body contourserum, Anzydox natural detox and Azyme natural supplement. It provides a holistic and scientific approach in the slimming product industry.As a beauty company of the future, we promise to focus on crafting quality products that are made by high technology and approved ingredients. All the product’s formula is crafter by 100% natural ingredients.

We operate over several professional disciplines to leverage the body’s natural capability to well control weight management. Everyone deserves to enjoy life.Ready to have the perfect body line? Start with ANTIDOX 


Provide modern urbanites a simple and effective weight management programme Everyone should enjoy their weight loss journey! Promote the proper concept of health and beauty, produce high quality and safe products while building a successful brand from the value chain



As a young gradute at age 20, the founder of Keecoquens Sdn Bhd ‚Äď Kelly Ng, began to create and establish the company and its product range. She identified weight management as one of the biggest issues of women‚Äôs self esteem in Malaysia and recognised its hardship to overcome to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Being someone who was in the overweight category, the founder, as a young adult, attempted to lose weight with low quality weight loss agents but failed miserably. Feeling aloss of faith, she then created the company, and specifically created formulas with 100% Natural Ingredients, to be used safely and was successful. Today, she is as fit and as strong as a thunderstorm!

Using this passion, she created a team to work together and collaborate on the RnD and design to mass produce and sell to the general public. Upon clinical testing and 100% safety and reassurances, they went on to create the range of products the company has, and is known for today. Their RnD found ground breaking tools and formulas during clinical testing and consumption to continue the use of natural ingredients which is able to directly improve fat metabolism while optimising weight management.

Today their slimming product are recognised as being at the forefront of efficient weight management technology. The signature Antidox Series which with their trademark slimming system: Detox and Activate the body’s metabolism. The product range includes Antidox body contour serum, Anzydox natural detox and Azyme natural supplement.

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A-26-01, Damansara Foresta Condo, Persiaran Meranti, Bandar Sri Damansara, PJU 9, 52200 KL.
+60 14 6343 941

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