Out in the garden where we planted the seeds of our love, servitude and integrity, there is a tree-filled with our range of products, where branches were sewn by the testimonies of our loyal and equally loving community of consumers, and the ground has a sea of roses, building with potential growth, waiting for your arrival!

To commemorate this ideal, and to give you the opportunity to join our lus-cious, enriched and engaged community, to strive and to thrive together, we have prepared this benefit, in becoming our member!

Let us help you with the first step you need, to join us in the Garden of Eden.

*Rewards point are valid for 12 months after checkout date. 



Minimum purchase  


Point collection 

RM1 = 1point

300points = RM15 voucher 

RM150 for max 2 vouchers

RM300 for max 5 vouchers

Validity: 1 months 

Maximum 2 vouchers and min. spending RM150 in single receipt

Maximum 5 vouchers and min. spending RM300 in single receipt

Not allow to use for promotional items 

Not allow to use together with birthday voucher

Birthday Benefits  1000points = RM50 RM200 

Validity: 1 months 

Not allow to use for promotional items 

Not allow to use together with others voucher

Customers must Registers as member at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded




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